Art of Nikomambo

A pencil as an instrument composed of graphite enclosed in a wooden casing and intended either as a sketch for a more elaborate work in other medium, an exercise in visual expression, or a finished work.


As any other child Nikomambo discoverd his potential in drawing at the age of six and he has perfected his work all through to date. Art of nikomambo is one of the creative pencil creation that has inspired not only me but many other creative minds localy, nationally and internationally.

So far Nikomambo’s pieces have been exihibited in the USA, Italy and in local arts exhibitions making sales to all these art lovers. I am jealous and proud for this young man for truly owing his art and using it to inspire other local talent.His latest series of work called pedagogy of oppression vividly depics how polititians make false and empty promises to the citizens. Its true our national leaders do not deliver.


“I belive artist are earthly gods inspired by nature to create other lives, creative lives, if well  preserved will insipre generations to come and giving them a clue on how people lived” he says. As a kenyan artist based in Kisumu Nick has enable to beat the odds of discrimination, lack of appreciation and many more frustrations and emerge the best.


Memories Back Then

A time like this last year, the weather was calm you just woke up and you pull back time just to reflect on your succecess and failure through out the year. If you dont know, its 31st December the year 2016, that last day of the year.

Am growing old, i dont own shit, my friends are ahead am still lagging behind, am still in my mamas house sleeping on the coach….Are you afraid? or are you happy? These are are some of the things most probbably running through that young fallen Hero for this matter.

Pride comes before a fall so do success comes before several back downs. Entreprenuers understand. So dont be afraid, maybe its not just time, but time is ticking so you aint special. This is the Right time to work on the come back and this time you better strike hard.

I wish you a happy new year 2017.

About the LakeHub

Well have you guys heard about the hub? If you haven’t, LakeHub is a technology innovation hub in kisumu, open space for entreprenuers, technologist, investors and makers.

With their slogan CONNECT/INNOVATE/INSPIRE the hub has been able to attract young people within the Lakeside City who have or are perssionate to venture in online projects of their own creativity. The hub also offers a 60 days coding trainning programm for those who are intrested in becoming better programmers and free membership.

LakeHub is located off Achieng Oneko Road few meters ahead The WestEnd Mall. Come and be part of techies and creative people in the city.


She Can’t Get Enough or Can’t #GetAlong

Its funny how the hard times sends them away and out of their minds but the better days…the better days,hmmm

You can already tell that am talking about “these”girls with their double standard life. Your better days is what attracts these girls back to your lane. They start acting all caring and always all over you.

Well this is not a case of Bonnie and Clyde. A brand new hit single from Kashinje of We_Syndicates #getAlong produced by @StormyJay best provides an audio portal to this experience. This is only his first single in the “game” and you already know this is the  future of Kisumu Music and Entertainment.

Ace and Pack Entertainment  banked its support on this track for sure. This is one of the songs you would like to dedicate to that tripping ex girlfriend of yours 😉 .

“Get Along”





Who Dat Dea??

“And if you don’t know now you know nigga” Let me start by quoting this famous line because Kisumu Music is day by day growing big and getting more better.

“Who dat dea” #wdd (wait for the download  link 😉 )a new jam from Ace and Pack Entertainment produced by stormy Jay is a big tune representing code 40100 ,all the #lakesiders.


The murder track which features top Kisumu HipHop artist including  411 Society , Syndicates, Broddie XO, The Major Ace, Kato and  Aboxan Aila the new top rising comadian,will be released officially on 20th October,2016 on Urban Radio 90.7 FM to celebrate and mark the emergence of these new shujaaz from The Lakeside.

“Kisumu Ka watheko”